Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Corazon de Ancash

April 14, 2014

Corazon de Ancash

Hey, Alicia got baptized on Saturday!  That was crazy, because we found out the day before that the super gross old baptismal water could no longer be emptied the normal way, since the magic suction machine was all out of pixie dust.  But, thanks to a couple genius missionaries and several buckets, that worked out just fine.  Julio, our branch mission leader, baptized her.  Great service.  As it turns out, she used to be a semi-famous singer with the stage name of Alicia Peru, from the all-too-classic group known as Corazon de Ancash.  Yes, THE group Corazon de Ancash.  [means “Heart of Ancash.”  Ancash is a region in northern Peru.]

Also, Fredi Antunez got his interview with the branch president.  He's going to buy himself a white shirt in preparation to receiving the priesthood.  It was cool to see how excited the Virhuez family (our pensionist) was to see him, the man they hadn't so much as seen since he was a boy.

We got a referral who's married!  We just did a short family home evening with them, which seems sometimes more powerful than a regular lesson for the first visit, especially if they are family oriented. They need some praying for, so the Cano Padilla family would be great to pray for.

I'm  sorry for not having sent photos in such a long time.  I think the computers are stupid here, because I refuse to believe that it's just me.

Well, I'll end for now with a new joke.  I know it's overdue.

Habia una araña y una hormiga.  Ellos eran vecinos y cada uno siempre hacia una fiesta cada fin de semana.  A pesar de todo el esfuerzo de la hormiga, siempre habia mas gente en las fiestas de la araña. Sabe por que?  Porque la araña tenia mas patas!  (En Peru, pata can also be used to say buddy)

[Translation courtesy of Spencer:  There once was a spider and an ant. They were neighbors and each had a party every weekend. No matter how hard the ant tried, the spider always had more people at his parties. Know why?  Because the spider has more legs/buddies!]

Anyway, love you all.

Elder Johnson

PS - Oh, and tell Jim and Dixie that I love them and I'm proud of them.  [Dalton's great-aunt and great-uncle, who just returned home from a 20-month mission in Cambodia.] 

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