Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How Good It Is

April 7, 2014

How Good It Is

Conference was SO GOOD!!!  It is so cool how we have the great how we have that?  [Ummm… Not sure exactly what she meant there, but it certainly seems enthusiastic.]  I am so incredibly grateful for conference.  We were just so darn happy there.  

Who was surprised when they saw the natural disasters and the Olympics on conference, thinking, have things been happening in the world?  I just looked at the TV thing confused and trying to remember anything about anything that isn’t Peru and Spanish and missionary work.  It seems to have left my brain. But anyway, sorry that there have been sad things.  I have been hugely ignorant.  But happy.
Yuli and Fernando were baptized yesterday!  (The sister and nephew of Guiselle.)  I wasn’t there, but I am just so glad it happened!  Thanks for your prayers for them.

So, life is great here.  These huge successes with people inviting their families and friends.  The husband of a converso reciente (recent convert) accepted a date for baptism.  He just is scared he will start drinking again. How sweet he is.  Josue.  

Had a lesson this week with Juan.  He is the husband of a long-time member who isn’t going right now, but has a great testimony.  She really wants to go to the temple.  We saw him in a park and stopped because we recognized his grandson.  And we invited him to the lesson we had scheduled with his wife and daughter.  He said he would come, but like, you know, I guess you could say we weren’t expecting anything.  And then, he was there!  And opened the door shirtless, and then left the room, so we thought he wasn’t going to come back. But then he came back with this nice shirt on, and was listening to us. We asked if he had ever listened to the missionaries who are always in his house, and he just said, when you two talked to me in the park was the first time any missionaries have ever invited me.  When we talked to him about baptism and the temple, he really just seemed like he wanted help to get there, not that he was against it.  I feel like that’s how a lot of people are but maybe we just don’t realize it.  He came to the conference :)

Also, this random stranger that we invited came to it too.  What....

Also, got to watch conference con Presidente and Hermana Rowley in our little English room.  AND I got my little package from home.  We were happy little campers Sunday.

My favorite talk from conference was Elder Bednar’s.  Hope Reed is satisfied.  It was so amazing, because I really have been talking and thinking about the Atonement and Christ a lot.  Just, how to apply it, and how to make it mean more.

 And in that package, came this song that says the following:
“Jesus has overcome. The grave is overwhelmed.  The victory is won.  He has risen from the dead.  And I will rise when He calls my name.  No more sadness, no more pain.  I will rise, on eagles’ wings, before my God fall on my knees.  I will rise.”

I have been listening to that song like on repeat repeat repeat.  It is just so perfect.  So how I feel.  Like, this is joy.  That is happiness.  To know that I will rise, and see Christ and God, and that it will all be ok when I get there.  Not just to think so, but to know it.  To know that the grace of Christ is not just sufficient to save me, but to change me. To make me clean and happy, to make me more like Him, and to make my mistakes just mistakes, and not my destiny.  I wish I could express my gratitude for Him sufficiently, but I can’t.  So, I will just do my best to help others.  Because of the Atonement, my best is enough.  A lot of people just don’t know what clean feels like, so they can’t accept it right away.  They can’t get it.  I can’t either. We all deserve a little help.  I hope we can all be the ones to give it this week.

Love you all so much.

Hermana J

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  1. hermanaa bueno hoy fue muy bonito me confirme y eso y logre obtener mi sacerdocio que pena y usted no vio ninguno de mis logros ni el bautizo :C es muy triste . Bueno hoy comenzo tod muy bien pero el la noche hace unos momeentos se puso muy muy muy feo ( imbox Facebook ) .
    La extraño mucho :( :(