Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Prophet and Betty Crocker. Both Favorites!

March 31, 2014

The Prophet and Betty Crocker.  Both Favorites!

Hey, so you're planning on going vacationing too!  I will have you know that I will be taking a combi [small bus] to Barranca today.  I will then go shopping, because the bags of cereal they sell in Paramonga are just too small.

Hey, just as a reminder before conference:  Follow the prophet!  The first presidency has made it a point to look for members who have unknown addresses.  The area here has told the missionaries to do that by looking for them in the last known address of the member and ask for new addresses if they no longer live there.  We have been given the promise that we will find people to teach in the process.  Well, what do you know?  Alicia Perez was someone we found while looking for her half-brother who now lives in Barranca.  She accepted the invitation to be baptized for the 12th.  We found a less active named Fredi while looking for his less-active sister in Chile, and he wants to receive the priesthood.  He came to church and received a fantastic welcome from the branch that hadn't seen him in years.  Honestly.  In years.  He ran away from home when he was a teenager, and everyone thought he was dead.  Surprise!  I hope that the story made a little bit of sense, but my point is to follow the prophet.

Anyway, Amado is great and still has the goal to get married in April. The only thing that has been taking so long is that his birth certificate is in a place called Chota, which I think is the Spanish name for MARS!  He hasn't been able to have vacation time to go get it, and his family members said they will send it in the spaceship in April.  I am going to be so happy when that man gets baptized.  He really is great.

Also, I was in Pativilca again this week, but this time with Elder Grow.  It was not only a spiritually uplifting experience, but we also ate an entire Betty Crocker cake by ourselves.  No, really.  We had a really great experience with an investigator who was having some doubts about Joseph Smith.  I don't think that what I write will really give justice to the experience, but let me just say that it was something else for me.  Long story short, Rodrigo got baptized on Saturday!

Love you all.  Invite someone to conference.

Elder Johnson

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