Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Luckily, We Have It

April 14, 2014

Luckily, We Have It

Sometimes I don’t feel like writing this.  Love you, but I could be sleeping right now.  Haha, ok—joke—don’t take it personally.

This week was great.  A little hard come Saturday, because as great as general conference is, I didn’t get to take the sacrament, or go to the temple.  And that’s a lot of sins building up and so by Saturday, I was just was drained.  But, SUNDAY CAME!  As it always seems to.  And I just cried the whole sacrament long.  Isn’t it the coolest?  That we get to start over every single week?  I love that.  This is the truth, y’all. I feel it all the time.  

You know what I am a fan of?  Asking God in prayer if He loves me.  Daily.  It is this time where I just get to feel fantastic.  And He tells me, always.  And then, it is so much easier to share it.  

This week, we found Dani.  She is the niece of the guy who showed up for conference.  She told us to follow her to her room (I was on splits with a member), and I immediately was like, sure! as I was thinking, THIS IS A TRAP!  (Peru has made me even more dramatic, I think.)  And we went to her room, and I was prepared for something really scary to happen, but she just started crying.  Told us about all the things she was trying to support, for the last eight years, and it was cool.  I shared an experience. And she asked us for help.  Luckily, we have it :)

Hey, love you all.  

Hermana J

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  1. Hermana we all dearly miss you in Vegas, and are all so happy how many people you have helped. I know how lucky every single person is to have met you, and hearing your kind and genuinely sincere words. I am happy to have met you and glad I did for you showed me the path to heavenly father and happiness. I can't wait to hear from you. I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done for me. May heavenly father bless you in every way.

    -With all sincerity Sonny