Wednesday, April 2, 2014


March 24, 2014


You will never guess what.  I am no longer in Talara, but here in Castilla.  Don’t tell Nicki, but it has the reputation of being the most dangerous place in Piura.  And, this is the crazy part, I am with a gringa. And not just any gringa, but Hna Harrison, my dear friend from Arizona who got me through my first transfer in Peru.  And, we are replacing Elders.  (I had never understood the hard feelings some sisters have against elders until we came into their living quarters to live.  Elders.....)  So here we are, the gringas in Castilla. We already got followed around by a drunk guy.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!  Seriously.  We got together and just jumped and screamed.  I realize that we are on missions and that this isn't a sleepover, but hey, this is supposed to be fun too, right?  I am seriously like dying excited.

But also, this was a great last week.  It was sad to leave Talara, because one of my heart pieces didn’t come with me to Castilla, but it’s hard to be sad when you know you are doing what the Lord wants you to be doing. This week was so cool.  Huge highlight: Kristopher passed the sacrament to his mom, Guisselle.  Seeing that was just like, yea.  There it is :)  And consejo [ward council] in Talara Alta was so great again. All of the leaders were there, and they were so excited about the baptism of Fernando and his mom, Yuli, which will take place general conference weekend.  They are going to do a branch lunch and have the baptism between sessions domingo [Sunday], 6 of April.  Isn’t that neat?  I just feel so blessed to have had the chance to be there.  I like, can hardly believe it.  

I was all really composed leaving all day, but when Kristopher--the incredible, happy-go-lucky, spiritual-giant kid who doesn’t talk much--started crying, I was like, oh no.  And just my heart stayed with them. And the sweet fam Coronado, who I am just so incredibly in love with, the mom said as I was leaving, “I promise I will go to the temple.”  Or the fam Chavez. Or the kids in mission prep who brought their non-member friend to church this week.  I just, really love Talara.  When I knew I was getting transferred, I cried, and told my comp, “I gave everything to Talara.”  And she just said, “I know.”  It is really cool to leave a place feeling like that.  I will love it forever.  

Being a missionary is really cool.  I am just so happy.  I love the way God takes such good care of me. And of everyone.  He is the best.  

Love you.  Pray for me please.  Lest we get carried away by drunk men tonight, hahaha.  Don’t take that seriously.

Hermana J

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